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posted this on February 13, 2012 16:48

Can I make my own widgets?

Using the Geckoboard API you can make custom widgets to display the data that's important to you. Full documentation is available on our docs page. Using the text widget with HTML tags opens up the possibility for even more customisation.

I want a chart that I can't see in your documentation, what can I do?

Using our Highcharts widget you can create multi line charts, stacked bar charts, scatter graphs and many more to display on your dashboard. Check out their demo page to see a full list of charts.

I want a different look for my dashboard, what can I do?

Your dashboard can be completely customised using CSS. You can change how the dashboard looks to suit your business and override any of the current elements. Our Github profile has some documentation to help you on your way.

What is the difference between Sharing URLs and the Public Loop URL?

Sharing URLs are the URLs you use to share a read only version of a dashboard. The individual sharing URLs are listed by name with a 'with ads' and 'ad-free' URL underneath. All dashboards are automatically disabled, if you want to enable your dashboard simply click on the 'Disabled' button and the dashboard will become 'Enabled'. You can restrict access to these URLs using an IP whitelist. 

The Public Loop URL is also a sharing URL but it shows multiple dashboards on a loop. You can choose which dashboards are included in the Public Loop under 'Configure Dashboard'. You will also need to enable the individual dashboard (as instructed above) so they show up in the loop. 

Can I use Geckoboard on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. You can access Geckoboard through any device with a modern browser and as it does not use Flash it can be displayed on iPads and iPhones with no issues. 

Where can I find Geckoboard news?

Check out our blog, Twitter and Facebook pages for any Geckoboard information or news.

How do I get in touch?

There are lots of ways to get in touch with the Geckoboard team. Create a ticket through the support site, email, use the messaging system at the top of your admin dashboard or the 'Chat with us' tab for live support. 

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