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How To: Add a new widget

Paul Joyce
posted this on July 11, 2010 13:42

Adding a new widget to you dashboard is a simple process.  The example below illustrates how to add a new Basecamp widget but the same steps are involved for nearly all widgets.

1.  Add Widget

Click the green "+ Add a Widget" button at the top of your dashboard.  If you can't find it you've probably hidden you dashboard header, simply unhide and you'll see the button.


2.  Select Widget

You can now choose which widget you want from the "Choose a Widget" screen.  The left hand column contains the different categories of widget, each will contain one or more individual widgets.  From here you can select the widget and it's size.  In the example below the Basecamp widget is selected, this widget only has one size (standard size, 1x1) so we have selected that.


3.  Connect Account

You are now taken to the "Connect Account" screen.  This is where you set up and choose the account you're going to use.  More information on adding a new connection can be found here.  In this example we've already set up a connection so we just need to choose the account name we wish to add and click on the green "Connect" button.


4.  Configure Widget

The final step is to configure the widget.  Each widget will have different choices depending on what you're connection to and what you want to display.  Make sure you label the widgets then hit "Add to Dashboard" and you're done!


End Result

The end result should look something like this:


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