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How to: Share Dashboards

posted this on December 22, 2010 15:40

Geckoboard lets you share your dashboards using read-only URLs. This means any number of people can view the dashboard without requiring a Geckoboard account or the need to log in.


Dashboards are private by default, so you first have to enable a Dashboard to be public, and then you can share it with others. Public dashboards are indicated by the 'public' tag listed alongside it in the Dashboards section in 'Your Account'. For example, in the following screenshot the 'Samsung Dashboard' and 'Marketing and Support' dashboards are public, the others are private:


Clicking on the green name of the dashboard, will take you to the Sharing URL for that dashboard.


Making a Dashboard Public/Shareable

To make a dashboard public, in order to share it, you need to select the Edit icon, highlighted in the screenshot below, for the dashboard you'd like to make public from the list of dashboards in the Dashboards section in 'Your Account'.


In the above example, we are editing the 'Web App stats' dashboard.

From the Edit dashboard screen, you will see that the dashboard is currently Private. To make it public, select the 'Make Public' button highlighted.


Once public, you will see the sharing URL for the dashboard, which you can share with your users.

Should you want to change this URL, you can regenerate a new URL for it by clicking the 'Regenerate' button. This means that those with the old URL will no longer be able to view it.

You can also make the dashboard private again by clicking the 'Make Private' button - this will mean that people, even if they have the URL, will no longer be able to view the dashboard.



The public loop URLs work in the same way. You can select which dashboards are included in the public loop in the dashboard configuration. You have to enable each dashboard included in the Public URL to make it appear. 

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