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Welcome to your Geckoboard Dashboard

posted this on December 22, 2010 15:52

You Geckoboard status board is a blank canvas which can be configured to suit your needs and allows you to add the widgets you want.

Select Dashboard

Here is where you can add new dashboards or select another dashboard you wish to work on.

Add Widget

This is explained step by step in our forum. You can add widgets for all of our integrations and choose various metrics and sizes for the widget, you can also create your own custom widgets.

Dashboard Configuration

As well as the options explained in Configure Dashboard, you can also change the layout of widgets whenever you want to create the dashboard you want. If you would like to hide the tools at the top of the dashboard, simply click the little box with an up arrow in the centre at the top of the page. Whenever you want to open the tools again you just click on the, now down, arrow again.

Sharing Dashboards

You will want to share your share dashboard, whether it is with clients, colleagues or your boss. We have Sharing URLs for all our dashboard which are completely controlled by you.

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