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Configure Dashboard

posted this on December 22, 2010 16:00

Now you know what Geckoboard does you can start to make it for you. One way to make it work best for you is by configuring your dashboard. This option is found in the top right hand corner of your dashboard, beside Add Widget.

The configuration options are:

  • Dashboard name Name every dashboard something different. 
  • Dashboard timezone See accurate 'Today' figures for wherever you are in the world. More information on our blog.
  • Custom CSS Make the dashboard look however you would like it to look. Full information and templates available on our blog.
  • Devices Secure your Sharing URLs so only certain IP addresses can access them. Full information in our forum.
  • Large screen mode Makes your dashboard clearer for viewing on large screens
  • Public loop mode Select if the dashboard is included in the Public loop. The public loop sharing URL loops through all dashboards included in it.
  • Dashboard width Choose how wide your widgets go, ideal for customising to view on a mobile device or a HDTV and anything in between. 

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