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How To: Restrict Access to a Read Only Dashboard

posted this on January 07, 2011 11:23

All of our dashboards have Sharing URLs which are hard to guess and can be regenerated or disabled at any time, but for an extra level of security you can also restrict access to these URLs by using a white list.

For each dashboard, if you're on the Company plan and above, you can restrict access by selecting which IP addresses you would like to be able to view the URL.

On your dashboard click on Configure Dashboard on the top right hand corner. Within these settings you will see 'Devices' followed by a box. In this box you can enter the IP addresses you wish to be able to view your dashboard (your own IP address can be found at for example). You can enter one address or you can enter multiple addresses, separated by a comma.

If someone gets the URL and their IP address is not on the list, they will be met by an Error page and will not be able to view your dashboard.


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