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Pivotal Tracker: Number of open stories

posted this on February 05, 2011 15:30

Shows Red/Amber/Green counts for open bugs/chores/features.

Add a custom RAG widget and point it to a YQL query that looks like this:

use "[public URL to open table XML]" as src;
select * from src 
where projectid="[your project ID, see URL in pivotal]" 
and token="[API token you get from Pivotal]";

The 'use' clause operates an open table file which is attached to this post. Easiest way to get started is to pop it on your Dropbox public folder and copy the URL in place.

In the widget parameters, select widget type YQL and feed format XML.



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+1 for pivotal tracker integration

April 20, 2011 13:32
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Jacob van Lingen

I am new to geckoboard (tried it today for the first time), but I code a question. I tried your method and stumbled upon the next. The YQL code produces this XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<query xmlns:yahoo=""
 yahoo:count="1" yahoo:created="2012-02-21T16:23:49Z" yahoo:lang="en-US">

But I don't need those <result> and <query> tags, because now it is a slightly different syntax than the current description for Custom Widget Type Definition: Does anyone know how I can get rid of those tags?

February 21, 2012 16:34