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How To: Connect to your Accounts

posted this on March 08, 2011 17:05



Your Basecamp account is your account name not your username. If you log in to you would enter myaccount here.

Your Basecamp API is found in the My Info area of your Basecamp dashboard.

Adding a Highrise and Uservoice account uses the same process as a Basecamp account. There is help with finding your Uservoice API key here.



The Zendesk your account domain. For example, if your account is at the Zendesk host is mydomain.  The email and password are what you log in to your Zendesk account with.

Prefinery, Pingdom and Shopify connections work in a similar but ask for your API key. Help with finding your Shopify API Key can be found here.

Mixpanel also works similarly but asks for an API secret as well.


All you need to connect to your Mailchimp account is the API key.


Select +Add a new account via Oauth and then select connect, from here you will taken to Freshbook where you will be asked to grant access to to Geckoboard.

Google Mail:


When you add a Google Mail account you will need to enter your email address and press connect. Once you do this you will be taken to Google to grant access to Geckoboard.

When adding a Google Analytics account it is similar to adding the Google Mail account expect you do not have to enter an email address and will taken through to grant access after pressing connect.

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