This often occurs when X-Axis dates are being calculated by a formula e.g. =today() or when they're sourced from another sheet =Sales!A1.

Unfortunately our Spreadsheets data source cannot display these dates due to a limitation of the Google Sheets API. When the data comes through the API into Geckoboard, it's no longer recognized as a date.

We recommend to create another column with manually entered dates that Geckoboard will use to populate your charts.

  1. In the example below, the dates in Column A are coming from another Google Sheet. This means our Spreadsheets data source isn't able to display these dates in the X-Axis of the chart.

  2. To fix this, copy the dates from Column A, then go to Edit > Paste Special > Paste Values Only to paste them into another column.

  3. To format these as dates, go to Format > Number > Date. Alternatively, you can manually enter the dates.

  4. In Geckoboard, set your Spreadsheets widget to use this new column of dates as the X-Axis of your chart.

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