Display data from pivot tables in Geckoboard

Pivot tables cannot be automatically read from Google Sheets in Geckoboard. Use ImportRange to copy the pivot table in a new sheet.

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Pivot tables in Google Sheets cannot be automatically interpreted by Geckoboard. You'll just need to create a new sheet and use ImportRange to reproduce the pivot table in a format we can read.

  1. Add a new sheet to the spreadsheet containing the pivot table. For reference, see our example used in the video above.

  2. Use ImportRange on this new sheet to reproduce the pivot table. For this, you'd enter =IMPORTRANGE([spreadsheet_url], [range_string]), where spreadsheet_url is the URL of the Google Sheet and range_string is the pivot table sheet name and cell range you want to import.

  3. After entering this formula for the first time you'll see the #REF! error in the sheet. Hover over the cell and click Allow access.

  4. Use this new sheet to display your pivot table when connecting your Google Sheet to Geckoboard.

If you need help using pivot tables in Google Sheets, see Google Sheets' support center, or get in touch.

Using pivot table in Excel

If you're using Excel, Geckoboard automatically interprets pivot tables from Excel spreadsheets.

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