New version of our Mixpanel data source
Learn why we recommend you migrate your Mixpanel widgets to our new Mixpanel data source.
Updated over a week ago

Mixpanel have recently changed the way apps authenticate with their API. That means it's no longer possible to create new connections using this version of our Mixpanel data source.

Existing connections to Mixpanel should continue to work otherwise, so we'll keep the deprecated data source available for those still using it. However, we strongly recommend you migrate your widgets to our new Mixpanel data source. If any current connections expire, you won’t be able to reconnect them and widgets powered by them will stop working.

The new data source is functionally identical to our old one, but uses the latest connection method which will ensure widgets on this newer version will continue to work even after Mixpanel decide to close their old authentication method entirely.

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