When filtering your HubSpot widgets by property, for example HubSpot Team, you'll be prompted to enter the internal value for the property.

  1. On your HubSpot dashboard, click the gear icon in the navigation bar to access your settings.

    Access your Hubspot settings
  2. From the left-hand navigation menu, click Properties.

    Click properties in the navigation menu
  3. To access the HubSpot Team property, under Filters change Contact properties to Deal properties

    Switch the property filter to deal


  4. In the Search properties field, enter HubSpot team. Click the HubSpot team property.

  5. In the Edit property panel, copy the number string in the Internal Value field.

    Find your internal value in the edit property side panel
  6. Return to Geckoboard, paste the internal value into the Enter internal value field.

    Paste your Hubspot internal value into Geckoboard

    You can enter multiple internal values by separating them by a comma (,)

  7. Click Apply to continue configuring your HubSpot widget.

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