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Use Google Apps Script to import Stripe data to Google Sheets
Use Google Apps Script to import Stripe data to Google Sheets

Steps to create a Stripe widget using data from Google Sheets.

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In this article, we'll use the Google Apps Script platform to get data from Stripe into Google Sheets, before creating a new Spreadsheets widget.

Turn spreadsheet data into shareable dashboards

Note: We do have a Stripe integration with the following widgets:

  • New trialists (Line chart)

    Number of recent active trialists.

  • All subscribers (Number)

    Count of all subscribers which can be filtered by subscription status.

  • New subscribers (Number)

    Count of new, non-trialing paid subscriptions.

  • Cancelled subscribers (Number)

    Count of subscriptions that have been cancelled voluntarily.

Create a Stripe widget using data from Google Sheets

To create a Stripe widget using data pulled from a Google Sheet, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you're already logged into your Google Drive account.

  2. Make a copy of this Google Sheet.

  3. Find your Stripe API secret key. Note: For security, Stripe only shows you an API secret key for live mode once. If it's been revealed before you may need to find out where it's been stored.

  4. Return to your copied Stripe Sync 1.8 spreadsheet.

  5. From the navigation menu, click Add-ons > Stripe Sync > Setup.

  6. In the pop-up window that appears, enter your Live Secret Key, Granularity, Initial load and Metrics where prompted.

    Stripe sync settings
  7. Click Save.

  8. Select a cell in your spreadsheet where you want balance data to be written.

  9. Click Add-ons > Stripe Sync > Initial Load.

  10. Click Run.


    When you want to manually refresh the balances, click Add-ons > Stripe Sync > Manual Sync.

    To schedule the values to sync every hour, click Add-ons > Stripe Sync > Schedule Sync. To cancel this schedule click Add-ons > Stripe Sync > Cancel Schedule.

  11. With your data now populating your Google Sheet, switch to your Geckoboard dashboard to start creating some Stripe widgets.

  12. Click Add widget, located in the top right of your dashboard.

  13. Search for Spreadsheets using the Search sources field.

    Alternatively, you can also scroll down the alphabetical list of integrations until you reach the Spreadsheets integration.

  14. Click on the Spreadsheets integration.

  15. Choose the copied Stripe Sync 1.8 spreadsheet with your Stripe data on.

  16. Create your widget by configuring the way you’d like to visualize the data.

  17. And that's it! You may also find this step-by-step video useful.

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