Customize Twitter widgets

Learn how to adjust presentation options and filter your Twitter data to create easy-to-understand visualizations.

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📢 Due to changes to Twitter's API, Geckoboard no longer supports our Twitter integration. Learn more.

This guide walks you through the various options available when customizing Twitter widgets.


Add a title to your Twitter widget. Titles should be self-explanatory and unambiguous. At the same time, you should try and keep them as short as possible, using universally understood abbreviations where possible.

Twitter username

Allows you to pick the Twitter @username of the account you'd like to return data for.

With Geckoboard you can connect to multiple Twitter accounts. Click Add account when creating your widget.

Secondary output

When creating a Listed count, Follower Count or Tweets count number widget, you can switch on a secondary output. Choose from change from yesterday or goal.

Twitter's API does not provide historical data, so if you select change from yesterday as a secondary output, your widget will only show a comparison from tomorrow onwards (today’s data).

For example, you could track the change in followers from yesterday.



When creating a List tweets widget you can select to display tweets from a Twitter list you subscribe to.

Show retweets

Choose whether to show retweets amongst the tweets on your List tweets and Tweets widgets.

Show replies

Choose whether to show replies amongst the tweets on your Tweets widgets.

Search for

Exclusive to the Search results widget, select to search for keywords or twitter users.

Search term

Exclusive to the Search results widget, enter one or more keywords or Twitter @usernames separated by commas. Currently, we don't support the attitude operators —i.e. :) and :( — and the near: operator.

We also support most of Twitter's advanced search. Zapier offer a guide to using Twitter's advanced search.

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