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TV HDMI port not detected after switching on with PC stick
TV HDMI port not detected after switching on with PC stick

Suggested actions for when the TV HDMI port your PC stick uses to display your Geckoboard dashboard isn't detected.

Updated over a week ago

If you're using a PC stick to power your Geckoboard dashboard and the TV's HDMI port is not detected when turned on, here are some suggested actions:

Disable quick boot

If your TV has a quick boot setting, disable it. We've heard examples of the quick boot not picking up HDMI.

Check your TV's HDMI-CEC settings

HDMI-CEC is a feature of HDMI that allows devices to communicate with each other. Make sure this feature is enabled on your TV.

Depending on your TV brand, it might be labelled differently. For example, Samsung calls it Anynet+, LG calls it SimpLink, and Sony calls it Bravia Sync.

Check your PC Stick's power settings

Windows has power settings that can cause it to turn off devices when not in use to save power. You'll want to ensure that your PC Stick isn't going into a power-saving mode when the TV is turned off.

To do this, go into the control panel on your PC Stick, click on "Hardware and Sound," then on "Power Options." Set the plan to "High performance" and click "Change plan settings." Make sure all the settings are set to "Never."

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