Guide to billing at Geckoboard

This collection of pages is designed to help you better understand and manage your organization's subscription plan and invoices. 


Update your billing details provides:

  • Steps to change or update your payment method

Viewing your invoices, includes details on:

  •  How to view and download invoices

Sales tax (VAT), outlines:

  • Locales that are charged VAT
  • Geckoboard official registration details

Cancel your account, provides:

  • Steps to cancel your account and end your subscription.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing plans guides you through our plan options with:

  • A comparison of features by plan
  • Free trial details
  • FAQs for pricing and features

Upgrade your plan, provides:

  • Steps to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Start a free trial, includes:

  • How to sign-up
  • Trial features and length
  • A guide to getting the most out of your trial

Special Discounts

Geckoboard for nonprofits, outlines:

  • Program benefits
  • How to apply
  • FAQs for the program
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