Troubleshooting the Spreadsheets integration

Why do my X-Axis dates not display correctly in my chart?

The most common issue is that the X-Axis dates are being calculated by a formula e.g. =today() or coming from another sheet =Sales!A1. Unfortunately our Spreadsheets integration cannot display these dates due to a limitation of the Google Sheets API; when the data comes through the API into our Spreadsheets integration, the information that it is a date is lost.

The easiest solution is to create another column with manually entered dates that Geckoboard will use to populate your charts.

The GIF below shows that the dates in Column A are coming from another Google Sheet. Our Spreadsheets integration is not able to display these dates in the X-Axis of the chart.FAQ_X-axis_dates_don%27t_display.gif

To fix this, copy the dates from Column A and then go to Edit > Paste Special > Paste Values Only to paste them into another column. To format these as dates, go to Format > Number > Date. Alternatively, you can manually enter the dates.

In Geckoboard, set your Spreadsheets widget to use this new column of dates as the X-Axis of your chart (as shown in the GIF below).FAQ_X-Axis_dates_display_answer.gif

How often will the data in my Spreadsheets widgets refresh?

Your Spreadsheets widget will automatically refresh every 10 minutes.

If you make changes to your sheet/worksheet in between those refreshes, the latest changes will not immediately be reflected; however, the changes will be picked up in the subsequent widget refresh.

Can I force the data in my Spreadsheets widgets to refresh?

You can indeed force the values to update by editing the widget and using the 'Reload spreadsheet' feature. Remeber to Save once you're done!

This option is especially useful when you're setting up widgets or testing things! 

manually or forcefully refresh spreadsheets widgets


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