Types of user

There are two types of user with different privileges that can be added to your Geckoboard account, both of which contribute to towards the quota of users available on your pricing plan


Read-only users are able to view dashboards you give them access to but not edit them. They’re added on a dashboard-by-dashboard basis, and can only view the dashboards you add them to. Once invited, Read-only users are able to create a Geckoboard account using a link that’s emailed to them, and then switch between dashboards they have been associated with.

This scenario is ideal if you have private dashboards you wish to restrict access to a dashboard to a small number of people, or if you want to keep close control over who has access to specific dashboards at any one time.



Admin users have wider-ranging privileges and have access to all of the dashboards on your account, which they can also edit. In addition, they can also access your account settings and can also add other Admin and Read-only users.

Adding other Admin users is recommended if you would like to share/transfer responsibilities for building or customising your dashboards.

Note: A Geckoboard account must have at least one Admin associated with it at any one time.


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