Feb 24th 04:00 AM EST: Many Google users are having to re-authenticate their accounts and they've put out a notice for it here. If this is affecting your Google Analytics, Google AdWords, or other Google-related widgets, please reconnect your Google accounts to Geckoboard using the steps explained here. Feel free to get in touch if you still face any issues!

Google Analytics

Link: http://www.google.com/analytics/

Google Analytics gives you insight into how visitors are visiting and using your website or app. Basic installation is straightforward, and with some setup it can allow you to track ROI for marketing campaigns, run A/B tests, analyze your conversion funnels and segment visitors for deeper analysis.

Begin by searching for Google Analytics while logged in to Geckoboard.

Once you’ve found Google Analytics, choose from the list of widgets you’d like to add.


The Google Analytics integration requires you connect Geckoboard to the Google account you use to manage your Analytics account from. After clicking 'Connect' you will briefly be taken to Google to allow Geckoboard to access your data.

To help keep the data on your dashboard in sync with what you see in your Google Analytics admin panel, be sure to make sure the timezone of your dashboard is set to the same timezone as your Google Analytics reports. See 'Setting your dashboard's timezone'.

Example configuration

Each Google Analytics widget will have slightly different configuration options. This example will set up a widget to monitor the number of visitors to your website: 

Label: An optional title you can give you widget

Widget size: Choose how large you want your widget.

Accounts:Select which account, within Google, you’d like to report on (not which Google account saved in Geckoboard)

Metrics: This allows you to choose which Metrics, from GA you’d like to display. For example, do you want to display Pageviews or Unique Visitors?

Segment: Google Analytics have some default segments you can apply to your data, for example; Direct traffic only. Any custom made, advanced Segments will also show here

Filters: Here you can filter the data you’d like to show. For example, To restrict data to only Firefox users you would use ga:browser==Firefox. Full documentation for Google Analytics filters: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/reporting/core/v2/gdataReferenceDataFeed?csw=1#filters

Period: This is the time period for which you’d like to display data

Comparison Period: This selects the period you’d like the secondary stat to be calculated with. For example, last 7 days vs Same period a year ago

Goal: This is an optional threshold, static in the widget. “250” will highlight any results above that number, leave blank for no threshold.

Data freshness

Our integration pulls data via the Google Analytics API. This means the numbers on your dashboard are subject to some restrictions Google puts in place that can sometimes result in different, under-reported data being shown.

If you see a Google Analytics widget showing '0' or a much lower number than expected, one possible reason for this is that the data endpoint Geckoboard hooks in to has a delay applied to it. On some larger Google Analytics accounts that require a large amount of user data to be processed on any given day, your data may be delayed by up to 48 hours. See this help article for more information: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1070983?hl=en-GB

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