Feb 24th 04:00 AM EST: Many Google users are having to re-authenticate their accounts and they've put out a notice for it here. If this is affecting your Google Analytics, Google AdWords, or other Google-related widgets, please reconnect your Google accounts to Geckoboard using the steps explained here. Feel free to get in touch if you still face any issues!

How can I get support for Geckoboard?

There are lots of different ways to get support for Geckoboard. You've made it to one of them, but there are more to be found. Click on one of the areas below to learn more about the support options available.



Contextual Help


Whenever possible we deliver help when and where we believe you could need it. We truly believe that nothing is more important than delivering precise help whenever questions or misunderstandings occur. 

Contextual help is available throughout Geckoboard's user interface.

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Help Center


You're here already! Geckoboard's Help Center contains dozens of FAQs and user guides related to everything Geckoboard, from configuring your dashboard to Geckoboard subscriptions. You can search for an article using our predictive text feature or browse by category and learn everything you need to know.

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Developer Documentation


If you want to display your own proprietary data in Geckoboard, whether that's from your own application or pulled from an API that Geckoboard doesn’t support. Head on over to our developer's documentation for more information on how custom widgets work and example scripts to get you up and running: https://developer.geckoboard.com

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Reports, Case Studies and Videos


Browse case studies, reports and interviews to get a better understanding of data, how to best use it and explore how other people use Geckoboard: https://www.geckoboard.com/learn/

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Customer Success team


If you've still got questions after browsing our help docs and other materials, our Customer Success team is on hand to help.

Submitting a ticket

The quickest way to get answers to your questions is to submit a support ticket: click 'Submit a request' at the top right of this page and fill out the form.

When contacting the Customer Success team, provide as much information as possible so that we can best assist you.

Please try to be as specific as possible when describing your request. For example, make sure to include:

  • The name of the widget, dashboard and/or integration in question.
  • The email address associated with your account.
  • Specific instructions on how we can reproduce the issue, meaning, what we can do to see exactly the behavior that you see.
  • The name of the browser that you are using, version and device for any visualization related issue.

If you ask multiple questions in one ticket, please number them 1, 2, 3 etc, as this will make it easier for both parties.

If one of your Widgets has stopped working or is not displaying normally, you might want to grant the Customer Success team with temporary access to your dashboard. This helps us resolve the problem quicker. If so, please state it clearly in the body of your request or use the "I allow Geckoboard support to access my dashboard" check-box when available. 

Other ways to get in touch

You can also contact our Customer Success team at support@geckoboard.com for support related queries or billing@geckoboard.com for queries about your subscription.


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