Track Twitter metrics in Geckoboard

Twitter is an online social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters.

Adding a Twitter widget to your dashboard

Whilst logged in to Geckoboard, search for Twitter. Once you've found the Twitter integration, you can select from the list of available widgets you can create.

Click here for more information on searching for a service.


The first time you add a Twitter widget you will need to allow Geckoboard to access your Twitter data.

You will be briefly taken to a Twitter authorization page so you can confirm this. Twitter uses OAuth for this authentication so your logins are not shared with us.


 Once you click the 'connect' icon, you will be taken to the page below:


Once connected, Geckoboard will pull in the data straight to your dashboard. You can connect as many Twitter accounts as you need but will only need to authenticate once per account.

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Types of Widgets and example configurations

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be tracking the metrics of the twitter handle @geckoboard.


The Mentions widget shows the latest mentions for the account selected.

To track the mentions of @geckoboard use the following widget configuration:



The resulting widget:



Favorited Tweets

The Favorited Tweets widgets shows the latest favorited tweets of the specified user handle.

To track the favorited tweets of @geckoboard use the following widget configuration:



The resulting widget:



Listed Count

The Listed Count widget Shows the number of times a given account has been listed by other Twitter users.

To track the listed count of @geckoboard use the following widget configuration:



The resulting widget:



Follower Count

The Follower Count widget shows the number of followers for a given user.

To track the Follower Count of @geckoboard use the following widget configuration:



The resulting widget:


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Tweets Count

The Tweets Count widget shows the number of Tweets sent for the specified account.

To track the number of tweets of @geckoboard use the following widget configuration:



The resulting widget:



List Tweets

The List Tweets widget shows the latest tweets from a Twitter list you subscribe to.

To track the latest tweets of a list subscribed by @geckoboard use the following widget configuration:


The resulting widget:



User Tweets

The User Tweets widget shows latest tweets from a Twitter user.

To track the latest tweets of @geckoboard use the following widget configuration:



The resulting widget:


The Twitter Search widget allows you to display the results of a Keyword or @username search.

To search for the keyword 'dashboards' use the following widget configuration shown below.

We also support most of Twitter's advanced search. You can find a good guide to using advanced search here:

Currently, we don't support the attitude operators —i.e. :) and :( — and the "near:" operator.



The resulting widget:


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