How often do my widgets/dashboards refresh?

How often will my widgets update during my trial?

The trial offers everything that's available with a paid account. Your widgets will update at the same rate as a paid account.

Want to know how fresh the data is on your dashboard?

Fast forward to widgets refresh.

Important note

Widgets and dashboards refresh independently.

Dashboards have two main components: layout/settings and widgets. This article explains how often these refresh.

Dashboard refresh

Dashboards as a whole automatically refresh every 12 hours. This is to ensure the latest layout is displayed everywhere (TV screens, sharing links, etc) and for everyone (including view-only users accessing the dashboard).


You can force a dashboard to update using the Refresh Remote Dashboards feature. This is particularly useful when you're testing something new or making significant changes to a dashboard e.g. modifying the layout of the widgets, adding or deleting widgets, changing the dashboard theme, etc. and you want to see those changes immediately reflected on your screen or shared link.  

Widgets refresh


You can check the exact refresh time of a particular widget directly from its menu.

Checking a widget's refresh rate from edit widget menu

Individual widgets on a dashboard refresh automatically after a few minutes (with the exception of custom widgets and datasets, which can refresh as soon as new data becomes available). Refresh rates vary depending on the integration.

Important note

As Geckoboard fetches data from the different platforms you use via their APIs, most impose rate limits and quotas on how many calls can be made in a given time period (seconds, minutes, or even over a 24-hour period).

Exceeding these limits or quotas will result in error messages in place of your widgets. Read more about API rate limits and quotas and suggestions on working with the request limits.

We recommend consulting refresh times for widgets directly on their menu, however if a widget hasn't yet been added to the dashboard and you're curious about how often it would refresh, you can consult the list below.

Refresh rates by integration and widget

A – E

Widget Refreshes every (mins)
Active Campaign 5
Ad Sense 5
Ad Words 5
Air Brake 5
App Figures 60
Basecamp 5
Bitly 5
Buffer 5
Campaign Monitor 5
Chargify 3
  Visitor Gauge Widget 5
  Concurrent Visitor Line Chart 5
  Content Pages 5
  Current Country Sources 5
  Current Referrers 5
  Engagement Stats 5
  Social Stats 5
  Visitor Stats 5
  Visitor Map 1
Cloudwatch 5
Datasets 5
Delighted 5

F – J

Widget Refreshes every (mins)
Facebook 5
Facebook Ads 5
Flurry 15
Freshbooks 5
  Repo Pull Requests Count 5
  Recent Actions 5
  Repo Pull Requests Count 5
  Organization Pull Requests List 10
  Repository Stats 15
Google Analytics
  Number widget 30
  Top Sources List 30
  Top Platform List 30
  Top Location List 30
  Top Pages List 30
  Current Sources List 8
  Current Platform List 8
  Current Location List 8
  Current Page List 8
  Current Visitor Gauge 8
  Current Visitor Map 8
  Top Products 8
  Product Sales Bar Chart 8
  Goals Line Chart 30
  Events Line Chart 30
  Visitors Line Chart 30
  Campaign Line Chart 30
  Ecommerce Line Chart 30
Google Calendar 5
Google Sheets (this is a legacy integration, for our latest integration see Spreadsheets) 10
  Current Pages 1
  Current Referrers 1
  Current Searches 1
  Map 1
  Concurrent Visitors 1
  Average Time on Site 5
  Average Viewing Depth 5
  Time on Site Funnel 5
  Top Content 5
  Top Searches 5
  Top Sources 5
  Top Technology 5
  Visit Depth Funnel 5
  Visitor Timeline 5
Heroku Data Clips 5
Highrise 15
Hubspot 15
Instagram 5
Intercom 5
Jenkins 5
Jira 15

K – O

Widget Refreshes every (mins)
Klout 5
Linkedin 5
Mailchimp 5
Mention 5
Mixpanel 5
New Relic
  Metrics Line Chart 1
  Number Stats 1
  New Relic Highcharts 5
  Server Stats 5

P – T

Widget Refreshes every (mins)
Pager Duty 5
PayPal 5
  Alerts 5
  Current Status 1
  Trends 1
Pipedrive 5
Pipedrive New 10
Pivotal Tracker
  Open Story Count 5
  Recent Activity 5
  Pivotal Story Type RAG 5
  Story Count by Member 15
  Story Status Funnel 15
Recurly 5
RSS/Atom Feed 15
Salesforce user configurable
Sendgrid 5
Shopify 15
Spreadsheets 15
StatusCake 1
TeamCity 5
Trello 5
Tumblr 5
Twilio 5
  Favorited Tweets 5
  Follower Count 5
  List Tweets 5
  Mentions 5
  Tweets Count 5
  Listed Count 5
  User Tweets 5
  Search 15

U – Z

Widget Refreshes every (mins)
Uservoice 15
Vimeo 5
  Channel Stats 15
  Popular Stats List 15
  Video Stats 15
  Video Stats Line Chart 15
  Viewer Gender Pie Chart 30
  Video Demographic Stats 30
 Zendesk Chat 1
 Zendesk Support New 30 seconds
 Zendesk Support Legacy
  Oldest Ticket 5
  Priority RAG 5
  Ticket Stats 5
  Top Ticket Solvers 5
  Status Bar Chart 5
  Recent Satisfaction Rating Comments 10
  Satisfaction Rating 10
  Satisfaction Rating RAG 10
  Ticket View Count 10
  Ticket Count 10
Zendesk Talk
  Number widget 1
  Agent Leaderboard 1


Special cases

  1. Refresh rates for polling custom widgets and Salesforce widgets are user configurable.
  2. Push custom widgets and dataset-powered widgets can be updated as often as you want as long as the API rate limit is not exceeded. 
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