Getting started with Geckoboard

Welcome to Geckoboard! Our dashboards make key goals and metrics visible, easy to understand, and quick to act on.

This guide will help you get started with the free version of Geckoboard. If you're trying out Geckoboard Pro, with unlimited access to all our data sources and features, see our companion guide.Effective_dashboard.png

Connect your spreadsheet data

The free version of Geckoboard gives you access to our powerful Spreadsheets data source, as well as Text, Clock, Image, and QR Codes.

Click Add widget on your dashboard select one of the spreadsheet options.

You can securely connect your Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheet to Geckoboard stored on popular cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, Sharepoint, and Microsoft 365. 

Connect your Google Sheet to Geckoboard

Connect your Excel spreadsheet to Geckoboard

Tip: Importing data from other sources

You can also take advantage of 3rd party plugins for Google Sheets and Excel to pull in useful data from anywhere and visualize it on your dashboard. Learn what's possible in our dedicated Community post.

Visualize your spreadsheet data

Once you're connected your spreadsheet, you can quickly transform data, metrics and KPIs into easy-to-understand visualizations, that update automatically, in just a few clicks. visualizations come in the form of simple text, figures, graphs, leaderboards, and everything in between.

After you've created your first visualizations from your spreadsheets data, you can start building your dashboard up, adding more of the metrics you care about.

Filter your data to show exactly what you want, change the visualization type, resize and group widgets to show how they're related, and move things around to affect your team's priorities and draw attention to the metrics that matter.Grouping widgets with drag and drop

You can also give the metrics context, set goals to show your team's progress over time, and call out a specific number if it's performing poorly or exceeding expectations.Add status indicators to widgets to highlight success and failure

Whatever you need your team to see, Geckoboard lets you tailor a meaningful and engaging dashboard that's exactly how you want it.

How to design and build a great dashboard

Dashboard examples from companies like yours

Data visualization tips

KPI Examples

Setting effective goals

Share your Geckoboard dashboard

Share links

Share links enable to you share a public link to your dashboard. This means the viewer won't require a Geckoboard user account.

Share daily dashboard screenshots on Slack

Geckoboard Snapshots for Slack allows you to schedule a daily dashboard screenshot to your chosen Slack channel – ideal for remote team members.

Embed your Geckoboard dashboard in websites and tools

You can also use sharing links to embed a Geckoboard dashboard into websites and many of your everyday business tools. The most common way of doing this is using iFrames.

We have dedicated articles for embedding a Geckoboard dashboard for these tools:

Suggested next steps

Learn best practices

Stay on top of the Geckoboard best practice you can use to design and build great dashboards with Geckoboard.

Geckoboard best practice

Find inspiration from the Geckoboard community

Join our community board to ask questions, share problems, and get advice. We’d love to hear your experience.

Made to Measure, the Geckoboard community

Pick up tips & tricks

We've gathered some tips and tools for Geckoboard beginners and experts alike.

Geckoboard tips & tricks

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