Create a weather widget using Google Sheets

To create a weather widget using Google Sheets, follow these steps:

  1. Make your own copy of this Google Sheet template.
  2. On cell A2, enter your city as "City, CO" where City is the name of your city and CO is a two-letter code identifier of your state (if in the US), or a two-letter code identifier of your country (if outside of the US).


    For a US city, you could enter New York, NY

    For a city outside the US, you could enter Welwyn Garden City, UKGoogle Analytics authentication box

  3. Click on the Tools menu and select the option Script editor.
  4. You'll see a script. Click on the project's trigger's menu. trigger1.jpg
  5. Click the + Add Trigger button in the bottom right corner of the page. trigger2.jpg
  6. Set a trigger for the myFunction function, that runs from Head on a Time-driven source that's triggered on an Hourly timer.Google Analytics authentication box
  7. That will retrieve (on cells C2, D2 and E2) the weather for the city you entered on cell A2 on an hourly basis. You can use that weather data and Spreadsheets to build a text or column widget for your dashboard that will update hourly.

    Now you'll know if you need the umbrella when leaving the 
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