Guide to configuring the Salesforce widget

In this tutorial, we'll create a summary report in Salesforce showing Open Opportunities created so far this quarter, then group it by Opportunity Name and summarize its Amount. Finally, we'll open the  report in Geckoboard to create a leaderboard visualization with it.

First step. Create the underlying source report in Salesforce:

  1. Start a session in Salesforce
  2. Click the Reports tab.
  3. Click New Report.
  4. Choose the Opportunities report type and click Create.
  5. Apply the following filters:
    • Select All Opportunities for Show.
    • Select Open for Opportunity Status.
    • Select Created Date for Date Field.
    • Select Current FQ for Range. (NOTE: this will show all opportunities for the current financial quarter. If you want to just look at a different range for example this month select "This Month" or the relevant period instead)
  6. Click Tabular Format and change the report format to Summary.
  7. Group the report by Opportunity Name by dragging that field into the grouping drop zone.
  8. Click the menu for the Amount column and select Summarize this Field. Select Sum and click Apply to add these summaries to the grouping, as well as at the grand total level.
  9. Click Run Report
  10. Click Save As.
  11. Name your report Opportunity Leaderboard and accept the auto-generated unique name.
  12. Enter a description and choose the My Personal Custom Reports folder.
  13. Click Save.

Second step. Open the Opportunity Leaderboard report in Geckoboard to create the leaderboard widget on your dashboard:

  1. Start a session in Geckoboard
  2. Click +Add widget
  3. Search for the NEW Salesforce integration (and create a connection if you haven't)
  4. From the Choose Report interface search for Opportunity Leaderboard
  5. Click the Opportunity Leaderboard report
  6. Select the Leaderboard visualization (second last)
  7. Make sure that "Labels" contain Opportunity Name and "Values" contain Sum of Amount
  8. Add a widget title (for example: "Top opportunities this quarter") and if needed modify the widget update rate (2.5 hours might be more adequate that our default)
  9. Click Add to dashboard

That's it. You can now keep track of top opportunities and make sure everyone knows what's in the pipeline for this quarter. 

You can also see all steps on the video below:


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