Geckoboard plans

Geckoboard offers three standard plans: Starter, Team, and Team Plus. Explore each plan type to determine which one is best for you and your business. All our paid plans include sharing links, Send to Slack, and mobile access as standard.

If you're looking to roll out dashboards at scale we also offer a completely tailored Enterprise plan. Let's chat about your requirements.

Free trial

When you sign up to Geckoboard you'll start using Geckoboard free and unrestricted for 14 days, with no payment required. If it's a good fit, you can upgrade at the end of your trial. Learn how.


Pay monthly: $35 /month
Pay annually:
$336 /year 

Our Starter plan is our entry-level plan, suitable for startups or individual teams who want to drive growth by building a goal-oriented team from the beginning. The plan starts with one dashboard and a single user. The Starter plan also includes 1 Send to TV, 1 connection to our Database integration, up to 5 datasets for our API, as well as email and chat support.


Pay monthly: $159 /mo
Pay annually:
$1,500 /year 

The Team plan is for growing businesses and multiple teams who want to provide focus for their team members around key metrics and goals. The plan includes up to 5 dashboards and 10 users. The Team plan also includes access to 3 Send to TVs, 2 connections to our Database integration, up to 10 datasets for our API, and email and chat support.

Team Plus

Pay monthly: $275 /mo
Pay annually:
$2,628 /year 

The Team Plus plan doubles the dashboard, user, and data allowances of our Team plan. The plan includes up to 10 dashboards and 20 users. The Team Plus plan also includes access to 6 Send to TVs, 4 connections to our Database integration, up to 20 datasets for our API, and email and chat support.


For more dashboards, users, priority support or help getting set up. Let's chat about your requirements.


What to expect after your trial

When your trial ends, you'll be able to choose a paid plan that suits your requirements.

You can switch between plans at any time to get access to more features, or to move onto a paid plan with fewer features. You'll only be charged for the time you used on each specific plan.

Downgrade to the Free account

If you want to downgrade from a paid plan to the Free plan, any additional dashboards, users and screens you've added will need to be removed.

If your trial ends but you decide not to upgrade, you can always choose the Free plan. You'll need to remove any excess of widgets, dashboards, users and screens you've added.

What if I need more (or fewer) dashboards or users than I signed up for?

No problem! You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription. We’ll charge your account on a pro-rata basis and either issue a credit, or add it to your bill.

How many dashboards will I need?

Typically each dashboard tends to focus on a specific purpose or group of viewers, such as sales, marketing, or customer support. Take a look at some example dashboards to give you an idea.

Our most successful customers generally gain the most focus from having no more than 10 metric visualizations per dashboard, although you can add as many visualizations as you want.

How many users will I need?

A user can either have owner, admin or view-only rights. All users can view dashboards, but only owners and admins can build and edit dashboards. You don’t need to be a user to view dashboards on a TV or in a desktop browser as you can use sharing links to view the dashboard. If you want more than one user to build and edit dashboards or view dashboards via the mobile app, you’ll need to select a plan with unlimited users (either Team or a Custom plan). 

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time. You’ll be billed for your current contract period (monthly or annual) but never again. Follow the steps here to cancel. 

Which browsers does Geckoboard support?

Geckoboard is optimized for the latest versions of the most popular browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari). Our "Progressive Web App" enables you to load mobile-friendly dashboards on your device's browser.

Can I install Geckoboard on my own server?

No. Geckoboard is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) application. We maintain our servers, security, and updates so that you don’t have to. You can read more about our commitment to secure data here.

Will my data be safe and private?

The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Geckoboard uses no plain text communication whatsoever. Communication between all app components, including connections to the database, the message queue, and other HTTP connections are encrypted. User passwords, access tokens, and any other stored information are also encrypted. Read more about our approach to security

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