How to hide menus and headers

Up until now, it was possible to use a "toggle header" tool to hide the menus and headers in the app. This tool is no longer available.


However, we know that some customers find it handy to display the app (as opposed to a shared dashboard) on a TV or as a way to distribute their key metrics so we have designed an alternative way to achieve the same. From now on, you can access the content of any of your dashboards (without the header/menus) on a view-only mode by modifying your dashboard's URL a bit. 

In other words, with the following method, the dashboard will display as if the toggle header has been been rolled up


Let's say that you want to access the following dashboard in the way described above:


You can do so by replacing "edit" with "view". In other words, via the following URL:


Important Note: Just like the "edit" URL, the "view" one is a secure URL that will require you to log in to access (this is actually the main difference between a "view" URL and the most popular sharing URL).

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