Features Included in all Plans

With Geckoboard we don’t want to limit your success by making core features only available in bigger plans. That’s why all our core features are available across all plans, and you can see a little more detail on those core features below.


Unlimited Data Sources

Data sources are anywhere you pull metrics from, including our integrations with 60+ popular cloud tools and metrics pulled through our Data API. This ensures you visualize all your most important metrics.


Data API Access

With our API you can visualize key metrics from anywhere by creating a simple script that collects data from a source. The script creates a link for Geckoboard to fetch data from, or pushes it directly to your dashboard.


Multiple Data Visualizations

Data visualizations are graphical representations of key metrics, including bar, column and line charts, gauges and leaderboards. All visualization options are included so key metrics are visualized the right way.


Goal Measurement

Set a goal for a metric to visually track progress and ensure you’re always on track to hit targets.


Dashboard Loops

Select multiple dashboards, how long you want to display them for and create a link which loops different dashboards on a single TV screen. This way everyone can see the data they need.


Easily Connect Screens

Connect your screens with ease with a quick, simple and secure pairing process.


Dashboard IP Restriction

Dashboard IP restriction restricts individual dashboard access to specific IP address(es), so only the people you want to see your dashboards do.


Live Data

Data on your dashboard automatically refreshes as things change. You’ll never miss a thing and can react quickly to movements in your business’s key metrics to drive growth.


iPhone App

Our iOS app allows team members on-the-go to have access to key metrics, keeping them on track anywhere. Users view dashboards formatted for easy digestion on iOS enabled mobile devices.


Self-Service Support

Full access to our in-depth help section, community and developer docs to find solutions to your product questions, as well as our blog and guides to help identify key metrics for your business.


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