Scale a dashboard to fit your screen


To build a dashboard specifically for viewing from a distance on TV screens or monitors, we recommend switching to a grid layout.

Once you've switched, we encourage you to try our new look dashboards and layouts optimized for big screens. Just click the Try new layout button at the top of your dashboards to convert to the new layout.

Geckoboard dashboards and widgets are designed to respond to the size and capabilities of your screen, including SD (Standard-definition), Full HD (High-definition), or 4K UHD (Ultra-high-definition).

Enabling Scale to fit will make the most of all the screen real-estate available on your display.

Enable scale to fit

To scale your dashboard to fit your display, follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings from the navigation menu.settings options
  2. Select Customize appearance.
  3. Click Show to open the Layout and display settings.
  4. Toggle the Scale to fit option to enable.toggle scale to fit
  5. To confirm your changes, click Save.
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