Zendesk Support imports

After completing an upgrade to our Zendesk Support service, we are aware of certain issues that we're trying to resolve as quickly as possible over the next couple of days.

Last update: 12:10 BST October 22nd 2019

Problems refreshing Zendesk Support widgets, due to database scaling issues, should now be resolved.

We're continuing to work on two other issues:

  1. Issue preventing certain Zendesk Support widgets from successfully completing import requests, causing non-dismissible error messages on user dashboards.
    Message is now dismissible. 
  2. Issue pulling data for Zendesk accounts without admin permissions.
    The new Zendesk API we upgraded to doesn't allow us to pull in data for non-admin accounts so these accounts are currently seeing errors on their widgets. We've reached out to these customers to make them aware of this and offer our help in getting it sorted out.

As a reminder, this upgrade was needed due to API changes Zendesk is making as of Tuesday October 15th..

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