Convert your old style dashboard to the new layout

Depending on the current layout of your dashboard, converting it to the new layout is a one or a two step process.

To find out, take a look at your dashboard. Can you see a Try new layout button on the top left?

If yes, you're all set to convert it to the new layout.

If not, this means your dashboard is a column-based dashboard that's not yet optimized for displaying on a TV screen. If you wish to display it in the new layout, you'll need to prepare it, and get in touch before you can convert it to the new layout.


Depending on the number of widgets you have on your dashboard, preparation may require creating additional dashboards.

Also, if your dashboard has a large number of widgets, and you prefer to view your dashboard on your computer or display it on a TV in portrait mode, you may also decide this isn't for you.

Converting your dashboard to the new layout

If you can see the Try new layout on your dashboard, it means your dashboard is optimized for TV but is using the old style layout.

Once you've clicked the Try new layout button you might want to consider grouping some of the visualisations by dragging one widget on top of another.grouping related widgets

Groups are great for showing what's related to what on your dashboard, adding structure and removing repetitive titles and labels while keeping it clear what you're showing.

Important note

The new layout doesn't yet support customizations, loops and other features you might be familiar with. Read more about the (new layout) features we're currently working on.

Not convinced by the new layout? Not a problem. You can click the link to revert to old layout.

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