Existing features coming soon to new style dashboards

If you're an existing Geckoboard customer, we encourage you to experience the benefits of grouping and enhanced readability available with our new style dashboards. Just click the Try new layout button at the top of your dashboards to convert to the new layout.

Not all the features you currently enjoy are available with the new style dashboards, but we plan to fully support them. These features include:

  • Copying dashboards.
  • Copying a widget to another dashboard.
  • Triggering 'celebration' animations when number widgets hits their goal.
  • Using Geckoboard Lite.

Important note

If you rely on any of the features in the above list, we strongly suggest waiting until that feature is fully supported before converting for good.

You could also get in touch and ask to be alerted as soon as a feature is supported.

If you're trying the new layout on a dashboard but need a feature that is coming soon, you can always revert back to the old layout for now and revisit this option shortly.

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