Future of our legacy Spreadsheets data source

While we're continuing to support the legacy version of our spreadsheets data source for the time being, we encourage you switch to the new fully-featured version as soon as possible. To do this, get in touch with our team.

Highlights of the new Spreadsheets data source

As well as including all the features and functionality of our legacy data source, we've introduced several new features and improvements that make building visualizations from your spreadsheet data easier than ever.

  • Two-step widget builder: select your spreadsheet data first, then we'll guide you to configure your widget.
  • Expanded spreadsheet view: see more of your spreadsheet, with a more prominent refresh button.
  • Expanded selection capabilities: you can now select whole areas of your spreadsheet diagonally and you can easily select multiple areas using the + button. When selecting multiple areas such as columns, the visualization will honour the order in which you select them (e.g. selecting columns H, B, A will display them in that order).
  • Keyboard shortcuts: speed up your data selection.
  • Dynamically update your Number and Gauge visualizations: so we always display the latest number in a column or row.

To make the switch to our new Spreadsheets data source, get in touch with our team.

When will you remove the legacy Spreadsheets data source?

Our long term goal is to replace the legacy data source with the new one but there's no ETA yet on when that might happen. You can continue using the legacy data source if you prefer it. Our focus for the moment is on further improving the new Spreadsheets based on feedback we've received. This means speaking to more customers about how they use Spreadsheets currently, so we can make sure that however you use legacy Spreadsheets, you can achieve the same things in the new data source and, perhaps, even more easily than before.

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