Connect your Excel spreadsheet via Sharepoint

Connecting your Excel spreadsheet file via Sharepoint consists of four steps explained in detail below:

  1. Saving your Excel file as .xlsx, if it isn't already.
  2. Moving or copying the file to Sharepoint.
  3. Using our Get Direct Link tool to generate a link that Geckoboard can use.
  4. Linking your file to Geckoboard.

Connect your Excel file via Sharepoint

To link your Excel file to Geckoboard using our Get Direct Link tool, follow these steps:

  1. If you haven't already, you'll need to generate a direct download link in Excel. Open the file you want to share, then select Share.share button on Sharepoint
  2. In the the Send Link window that appears, make sure access is set to Anyone with the link can edit.
  3. Click Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard. You'll need this copied link for our Get Direct Link tool.Copy link on Sharepoint
  4. Paste the copied link into our Get Direct Link tool and click the Get direct link button to copy a new link that you'll need to use in Geckoboard Geckoboard's Direct Link Tool
  5. Switch to Geckoboard and hover your cursor over an empty area of your dashboard and click the + button.

    Alternatively, click Add widget in the top right of your dashboard.
  6. You'll see a scrollable list of data sources. Click Excel.
  7. In Geckoboard, in the Link to file field, paste the copied link to your hosted file. Our integration will do the rest.Choose your Excel file from the direct link field
  8. And that’s it! You're now ready to prepare a visualization using your spreadsheet data.

    Each time you make changes to your hosted .xlsx spreadsheet in Sharepoint, those changes will automatically sync with Geckoboard through the generated link. You'll be able to see your changes on your dashboard when the widget refreshes (every 15 minutes).


The file size limit for uploaded spreadsheets is 5 MB.

If you're seeing the error message WARNING: This worksheet is too large to import and your .xlsx file is under the 5 MB upload limit, it's likely the compressed .xml files contained in it exceed the file limit.

Please see our guide to finding out why your worksheet file exceeds the limit. If you are not able to reduce the file of your spreadsheet, you may want to consider using Google Sheets’ ImportRange function.

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