Connected Excel spreadsheet not updating after making changes

There are two possible reasons why your changes aren't showing up on your dashboard after connecting your Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Your widgets haven't refreshed yet
  2. Your uploaded file failed to overwrite the previous version

Your widgets haven't refreshed yet

Spreadsheets widgets automatically refresh every 15 minutes. Changes made in-between refreshes will not immediately be reflected; however, the changes will be automatically picked up in the subsequent widget refresh.

We also support manual refreshing. This can be helpful when initially setting up your widget or running tests on an existing widget.

Your uploaded file failed to overwrite the previous version

In some cases, particularly when using browser versions of Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive for Business, a duplicate file of the same name is created, which results in Geckoboard continuing to fetch data from the original.

One solution is to instead use the desktop versions of Google Drive , Dropbox and OneDrive for Business and overwrite the file.

Make sure that the filename and structure of the Excel spreadsheets remain the same too.

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