Resizing widgets

Widgets can be resized to give you the dashboard layout you want.

Before you start

This article walks you through resizing widgets using our new dashboard layout. Click the old layout tab below for instructions on how to resize widgets using our old layouts.

To try our new dashboard layout, click the Try new layout button at the top of your dashboard. If you can't see the button, read how to convert to the new dashboard layout.

Hover over a widget, then click and drag one of the eight points to resize to your desired width and height.resizing widgets using Geckoboards new dashboard layout

Resizing widgets in a group

You can change the sizes of individual widgets in a group to provide a clear visual hierarchy. Click on a group to activate it, then hover between two widgets before clicking and dragging the slider to resize the widget. The other widgets in the group will respond to this new size. resizing widgets within groups


Grouped widgets can be arranged vertically or horizontally. For a vertical arrangement, make sure your group height is taller than it is wide.resizing widgets vertically within a groupFor a horizontal arrangement, make your group width is wider than it is tall.resizing widgets horizontally within a group

Click and drag the bottom right-hand border of a widget to resize to your desired width and height.

Different sizes will give a widget different layout (i.e. the label on a number widget is moved to the right when the widget is longer than it is higher).resizing widgets in Geckoboard


The number and text visualizations allow a height of half a grid. This is particularly handy for adding context to your dashboard or fitting two widgets instead of one for metrics that are less relevant.resizing half sized widgets in Geckoboard

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