My sales data doesn't match what I see in Shopify

If you've noticed discrepancies between the numbers displaying on your Shopify widgets and within Shopify it's because Geckoboard accounts for refunds on the order processed date, not refund processed date.

Why is this happening?

Shopify's API doesn't pre-calculate any metrics, which means we have to performs those calculations ourselves. Due to the way Shopify's API is set up which affects how we import and store data, we need to write a much more complex SQL query to match the behaviour of this metric in Shopify.

In Shopify:

  • If an order is processed (made) on Monday and refunded on Wednesday (today for the purpose of this example), that order counts as a positive amount on Monday and a negative amount on Wednesday.
  • So if you have a line chart by day, you'd see that order attributed on Monday and removed from the totals on Wednesday.
  • Or if you select "Sales today", bearing in mind that today is that Wednesday, then the refunded order would be deducted from whatever the sales total is.

In Geckoboard however:

  • If you have a line chart by day, that order basically wouldn't exist because Geckoboard will have logged it as processed and refunded on the same day. Geckoboard still factors it into its calculation but it would effectively return 0.
  • Or if you select "Sales today" on the Wednesday when the order was refunded, Geckoboard wouldn't deduct that refund from today's orders. So your Net or Total Sales number for today would be higher than what you see in Shopify today. And it would be lower than what you see in Shopify for the Monday.
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