404 errors in Geckoboard

There are four typical scenarios in which an 404 error could occur:

  1. The account has been suspended
    We recommend asking the account owner to access the app and ensure billing information is up to date and no payments are overdue. If you need further assistance, please get in touch.
  2. The shared link has been deleted or regenerated
    If you're accessing a dashboard through a shared link, we recommend checking with the person that sent you the link to find out what happened to it. 
  3. The connected screen has been removed
    If you're accessing a dashboard through a TV screen, we recommend contacting the account owner to ensure the account is active and the dashboard accessible. 
  4. You're accessing a shared link from a restricted location/network
    We recommend checking with the person who sent you the link to a shared dashboard restricted by IP address to find out what happened to it. 

Although unlikely, it's also possible that the 404 is related to a service outage. You can check the status of the Geckoboard app on our status page.

Whatever the case, you can always get in touch and we can guide you through the right steps to regain access. 

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