Does Geckoboard support GA4 properties?

Not yet, but we intend to support it as soon as possible. Currently Geckoboard only supports Universal Google Analytics.

If you have any further questions about GA4 properties, or would like to be notified when we have a GA4 data source, get in touch.

I've upgraded my properties to GA4, can I use them in Geckoboard?

You aren't yet able to query data for GA4 properties with our Google Analytics data source.

You will, however, continue to see the old Universal GA properties in Geckoboard and your widgets will still work. Though this may mean you'll see different data between GA4 and your Geckoboard widgets using Universal GA properties. This is because GA4 unifies the measurement of apps and websites.

How to differentiate between GA4 and Universal Analytics properties

You can quickly tell which of your Google Analytics properties are GA4, and therefore won't show up in Geckoboard yet, by looking at their ID. GA4 properties have a numeric ID; whereas Universal Analytics properties (which is what they call non-GA4 properties) started with "UA-".annotated screenshot that highlights GA4 and UA properties

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