Where to position your TV dashboard: a guide

Once you've learnt how to create your TV dashboard, it's time to decide where to position it. Though every office layout is unique, where your display goes will largely depend on the type of metrics you're displaying and your intended audience.


Try to experiment with different locations and angles for your dashboard before you commit to drilling holes in a wall or pillar. This will enable you and your team to find the ideal spot to mount your dashboard permanently.

There are some proven locations that are worth considering:

Example office floorplan with four dashboards in key locations

1. Entranceways

Example office floorplan with showing dashboard at entrance lobby A TV dashboard placed in the lobby or entrance to your office is almost sure to get noticed by everyone who is coming and going. This makes it an ideal location to display "must see" company metrics that everyone should be aware of.

It’s also a great way to greet employees as they walk through the door and are getting ready for their days.


2. Gathering spot(s)

Example office floorplan with showing dashboard at kitchen area Positioning a TV dashboard at natural office gathering spots like a coffee machine, water-cooler, microwave, or fridge can be a great way to prompt data-centric conversations between employees from different teams.

This makes them ideal locations for a TV dashboard, especially one that focuses on cross-departmental or company-wide metrics.


3. Clusters of desks

Example office floorplan with showing dashboard located near cluste of desks Your workspace may be organized into teams and departments that have their own clusters of desks.

If you're looking to position several TV dashboards, think carefully about the metrics that are of interest to everyone in a particular section of your workspace. Then design a dashboard to focus specifically on them and display this next to their cluster of desks.


Ensure your dashboard is visible at a glance to everyone on your team who needs to see it. Those furthest away from your screen should be able to read the most important elements of their dashboard.

You can use this calculator to judge the optimum viewing distance from your TV size.

4. High-traffic areas

Example office floorplan with showing dashboard in a high-traffic area When determining the best location for your TV dashboard, you should take a few minutes to walk around your space. Get to know your floor plan and pay attention to areas of high traffic. Take note of any obstacles in the way, such as pillars, staircases or dividing walls that could obstruct the visibility of a display.

If you discover an area where people tend to spend more time, then this might be the best location for your display.

Suggested next step

Once you've found the ideal locations for your TV dashboards, read our guide to wall mounting your TV.

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