Configure Intercom visualizations

In this article we'll show you how to use our Intercom data source to create a leaderboard that shows the total of Closed conversations this week. Using comparison data to display your Intercom chat data in Geckoboard

  1. Add a new New conversations by day widget from the list of preset widgets.
  2. Click the more options menu on your new widget, then click Edit.
  3. Click Metric to bring up the tree select menu. Switch the metric to Closed conversations.searching for conversations in the labels tree menu
  4. Switch the visualization type from Line chart to Number.
  5. Change the timespan for the session data to This a time value you'd like to see data for
  6. Click Compare to previous period to bring up the comparison options. You can switch the comparison type from Amount to a time value you'd like to see data for
  7. When you've finished configuring your widget, click outside of the menu to close it. Finally, hover over the new widget and click the title to edit it e.g. Closed conversations (this week).
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