Display Mixpanel metrics in Geckoboard

Learn how to connect directly to Mixpanel to access your data.

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In this article, we'll use our Mixpanel data source to display data from your Mixpanel account on your Geckoboard dashboard.

You must be on a paid Mixpanel plan to use our Mixpanel data source.

Step 1: Creating a service account in Mixpanel

Geckoboard requires a service account to access your Mixpanel project. Service Accounts are special types of Mixpanel users that can be granted access to projects.

  1. In Mixpanel, go to the Project Settings for the project you want to connect to Geckoboard.

  2. Open the Service Account tab.

    Service account tab on Mixpanel's project settings menu
  3. Click Add Service Account.

  4. Select a Project Role. Geckoboard doesn't require a specific role to connect.

    Add a service account in Mixpanel
  5. Note your Service Account Username and Secret. You won't be able to access these again after creating your Service Account.

    copy and paste your new service account username and secret into Geckoboard

Step 2: Creating a connection with Mixpanel

  1. Add a new Mixpanel widget from your dashboard.

  2. The authentication panel will prompt you to Name this connection. This will help you distinguish between multiple connections.

  3. Next, enter your Service Account Username and Secret from Step 1.

  4. Enter your Project ID. You can find this in the Overview tab of your Project's settings in Mixpanel. From the list of project details, copy and paste the Project ID into Geckoboard.

    copy and paste your project ID into Geckoboard
  5. Finally, click the Connect button, and you'll be ready to configure your first Mixpanel widget.

Note: You can connect as many Mixpanel accounts as you need, but you'll only need to authenticate once per account.

Mixpanel metrics supported in Geckoboard

Geckoboard supports the following areas of Mixpanel:

  • Funnels

  • Retention

  • Trends

  • Revenue

  • Events Number
    Show the total, unique or average number of events.

  • Events Line Chart
    Show trends for an event or property over time.

  • Trends Bar Chart
    Show a breakdown of properties for an event.

  • Top Event Property List
    Display a list of the top properties for an event.

  • Retention Column Chart
    Show retention trend between two events over time.

  • Funnel
    Shows funnel steps with conversion.

  • Funnel Completion Number
    Show the number of conversions, conversion or drop-off rates for a funnel.

  • Funnel Completion Line Chart
    Show funnel trends over time.

Note: We use the event names as unique identifiers for Mixpanel events. This means that if multiple events have the same name, they'll only be fetched once.

How comparison periods work for Mixpanel widgets

When setting comparison periods for Mixpanel widgets, it compares the previous period to "right now".

For example, when comparing the past 7 days to the previous 7 days, we want to be comparing the data right now to what it was right now 7 days ago.

Example Mixpanel widget configurations

Events Number widget

We can use the Events Number widget to show the number of people who signed up for a product during the last 7 days and compare it to the same period.

Number widget showing the number of signup events in Mixpanel

Example widget configuration

Geckoboard config for Mixpanel events number widget

Funnel Completion Rate Line Chart widget

We can use the Funnel Completion Rate Line Chart widget to visualize the number of customers completing the funnel 'Page viewed -> Signup' in the last 31 days and compare this to the last 31 days.

Line chart widget showing funnel completion rates in Mixpanel

Example widget configuration

Geckoboard config for Mixpanel funnel completion line chart
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