Connect your data to Geckoboard

All these options to get data from any system into Geckoboard are available. Find the one that best matches your needs and resources.

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When we say Geckoboard is the simplest way to build and share real-time KPI dashboards, we mean it.

Simplicity comes from the choice of over 90 robust pre-built integrations and four other options to get your data in:

Professional Services

We partner with Set & Forget, who specialize in automating data from nearly any system for easy display on Geckoboard.

It is ideal if you are short of time or don't have resources to do it yourself

We've arranged a referral one-time $99 fee (no subscription required) for Geckoboard users. Contact us, and we'll make an intro.

Official Tools

Our official integration with Zapier allows users to get data from as many as 6000 other services without coding.

Similarly, we have an official module with, which allows you to get and aggregate data from hundreds of services into Geckoboard.

Finally, we have a few tools to get data from services whose APIs don’t make it possible to have a data source within the Geckobord app:

Do it yourself

If there isn’t a pre-built data source for your system, an excellent way to get started is often by extracting data to Google Sheets (or Excel), i.e., using a CSV export to get the ball rolling. Once in Google Sheets, you can perform calculations or combinations with your data and then use our Spreadsheets integration to get it into your dashboard.

Exporting CSV can be arduous, but there are ways to automatise it in part or its entirety (give us a shout, and we can explain how).

Moreover, Google Sheets supports a variety of Data Connectors and Extensions that could automatize the process from the get-go.

An example of a handy Data Connector is Big Query.

Another powerful way to get data into Geckoboard is through our Datasets or Custom Widgets APIs. We usually recommend Datasets for their flexibility, but you can use whichever you (or your developers) prefer.

3rd Party Tools

Similar to Zapier and, other 3rd Party Tools have built their own Geckoboard integrations to allow you to connect thousands of services.

Some notable examples of these tools are:

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