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Create a event countdown Number widget

Learn how to build a widget displaying a countdown number.

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Countdowns can often complement other metrics you're tracking on a dashboard. For example, your metrics might focus on quarterly sales and so you want to show how many days remain in this quarter, or you're counting down the days to the end of your current sprint, Christmas, or another due date.

  1. Make your own copy of this Google Sheets template.

  2. Double click cell B3 and choose the date for your event i.e. Christmas day.

  3. Cell B5 will automatically calculate how many days are left between now and that event.

  4. Switch to Geckoboard account and add a new Google Sheets widget.

  5. Connect your copy of the template sheet.

  6. Select the value of Days left until event, then choose a number visualization.

  7. Configure other widget options, such as giving it a Title. Click Add to dashboard when you're ready.

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