Number widgets allow you to visually compare your selected spreadsheet cell with a choice of four comparison visualizations: goal, number, percentage, and sparkline. For goal comparisons see our accompanying article.

examples of number visualizations with comparisons in Geckoboard

Video tutorial

  1. After connecting your spreadsheet to Geckoboard, click a cell containing a single numeric value. When you're happy with your selection, click Create visualization.

    click drag to cell you want to visualize
  2. Next, you'll see highlighted visualization options for your selection. Click the number icon. In the bottom corner a preview shows how your widget will look. When you're happy with your selection, click Continue >.

  3. Next you'll next see the widget configuration screen and a preview showing your selected number. Click the Comparison visualization panel to display the options. Your spreadsheet canvas will automatically appear for you to select your comparison range.

    For sparkline comparisons click drag to select a range of cells.

  4. Continue configuring your spreadsheet and when you're done, click Save.

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