At Geckoboard, we want to do our part to support people and teams around the world who are doing good things. Through our nonprofits program, we offer a special discount off any of our paid plans, for good.

How to apply

To be considered for our nonprofits special discount, we'll need some information about your organization. Please gather the following details:

  • The registered or legal name of your organization.

  • Your organization's website URL.

  • A brief description of your organization's mission.

  • Nonprofit or charity status certification.

Once you have this information, please fill out this form to request the discount.

We're already customers. Can you refund our current plan?

We don't offer refunds for qualifying nonprofits currently enrolled in non-discounted plans. If you qualify for our nonprofit program, you'll benefit from the discount in the next billing cycle.

Can I apply the discount toward a different plan?

Yes! If, for example, you selected a "Starter" plan after qualifying, you can change to any other plan and still benefit from the discount (the % is proportional to whatever plan you are on).

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