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Embed a Geckoboard dashboard in a Microsoft Teams channel
Embed a Geckoboard dashboard in a Microsoft Teams channel

Create a link to your live dashboard that can be embedded in Microsoft Teams.

Updated over a week ago

In this article, we'll show you how to embed your Geckoboard dashboard into a Microsoft Teams channel using a share link โ€“ ideal for remote team members.

  1. In Microsoft Teams, either select an existing channel or add a new channel by clicking on the more options menu ๏… and selecting Add channel from the dropdown menu.

    Microsoft team's channel list
  2. From the list of tabs along the top of your channel, click the plus + button at the end.

    Microsoft team's channel tabs
  3. From the Add a tab gallery window, select Website.

    Microsoft team's new tab gallery
  4. Switch to Geckoboard, then find and copy your share link.

    share panel
  5. Return to your Teams channel, in the Website pop-up window add a Tab name and paste your dashboard's share link into the URL field.

    Microsoft team's website tab window
  6. When you're ready, click Save to see your Geckoboard dashboard displayed in your Teams channel.

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