Share a dashboard with share links

Create a link to your live dashboard that can be easily bookmarked, embedded, or shared directly with others.

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Share links enable anyone with the link to access your dashboard. This makes them ideal for remote working. You can keep your dashboard open in a browser tab on your own computer and easily link to it from wikis, documents, email and instant messaging.

How to generate a share link

To generate a link, follow these steps:

  1. On your dashboard's navigation menu, Click Share.

  2. In the Share panel, click Create share link.

    share panel
  3. With your link generated, click the more options menu.

    Then select Copy

  4. The link is now on your clipboard - simply paste it to share!

    Share links are hash URLs which makes them unique and impossible to guess. Additionally, we block search engines from accessing share links on Geckoboard.

Tip: To generate a link to multiple dashboards, check out the create a dashboard loop guide.

How to revoke access

There are two methods to revoke access, regenerating or deleting a share link.

Regenerating will create a new link to the dashboard that can be shared while revoking access from the old link. Deleting a link will make the dashboard inaccessible from the share link altogether.

To revoke access, follow these steps:

  1. While logged into Geckoboard, navigate to the dashboard you wish to revoke access for.

  2. On the navigation menu, click Share.

  3. In the Share panel, Click the more options menu.

    Then select Regenerate or Delete.

    share panel

Important note: By default, a share link will display your dashboard to anyone who clicks the link unless you set up IP restrictions, regenerate or delete the share link.

Note: Mobile view (also known as our “Progressive Web App”) is not available via share links. Instead, you'll need to invite people to view your dashboard.

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