Large data volume add-on

Learn more about additional charges when connecting certain data sources containing large amounts of data

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Data sources this applies to

Last updated: 18th Jan 2023

Zendesk Support

A large data volume add-on is required if you’re regularly generating 1000+ tickets per month and starts at an additional $25/month on top of your plan, increasing to $300/month, depending on your number of dashboards and no. tickets. Discuss your specific requirements with sales.

Note: This does not currently apply to Geckoboard’s Zendesk Talk, Chat or Sales data sources.


Geckoboard connects to over 80 different sources. For the most part, we can pull the metrics and other data you need directly from each service, balancing the need for timely updates on your dashboards against what data is available to us, as well as any limits on API usage that each service has in place.

For some data sources, our system needs to perform an extra layer of processing in order for you to get the metrics you expect from the service. Our Large data volume add-on applies to cases where an account containing large amounts of data is connected (a large number of support tickets, transactions, line items etc) and where additional processing is required.

A list of the services this currently applies to and the associated costs is maintained at the top of this article.

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