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Send scheduled dashboard screenshots to Discord using Make
Send scheduled dashboard screenshots to Discord using Make

Steps to pair with HCTI (HTML/CSS to Image) to schedule regular snapshots of your dashboards to Discord.

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Use with HCTI (HTML/CSS to Image) to send regular snapshots of your Geckoboard dashboards to Discord.

Step 1: Generate a dashboard share link

  1. On your dashboard's navigation menu, Click Share.

  2. In the Share dashboard panel, click Create share link.

    Share panel in Geckoboard
  3. With your link generated, we'll switch to Make to build our scenario.

Step 2: Create a Make scenario that connects HCTI with Discord

To use HTML/CSS to Image with Make, it is necessary to have a HTML/CSS to Image account. If you do not have one, you can create a HTML/CSS to Image account at

  1. On your Make Dashboard, click the Create a new scenario button in the top-right corner.

  2. In the scenario editor screen, an empty module with a question mark will be displayed. Choose HTML/CSS to Image as the trigger app to start your scenario.

  3. Choose the Create a Screenshot of a URL module.

  4. Create a connection to add your HTML/CSS to Image account to Make. For this, you'll need to go to your Dashboard to obtain your User ID and API Key.

    Connect your HCTI account to Make
  5. Go to Make and open the HTML/CSS to Image module's 'Create a connection' dialog.

  6. Enter the User ID and API Key, then click Continue.

  7. Switch back to Geckoboard and the Share dashboard panel, click the More Options menu, then select Copy.

  8. Return to Make, and Paste the dashboard share link in the URL field.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Now, click the right ear of the first module, and it will pop up a screen for you to add the next HTML/CSS to Image module. Select Get an Image.

    Add a second HCTI module to Make
  11. In the Image ID field, map the URL from the previous module.

    Map the image URL from the previous module
  12. Select an Image format. We recommend PNG.

  13. Click OK to continue.

Step 3: Complete the scenario with Discord

  1. Click the right ear of the second module and add Discord's Send a Message module.

  2. To connect your Discord account to Make, you can either choose to connect using OAuth2 or, additionally, using your own app credentials. In this guide, we'll connect using Oauth2.

    Create a connection between Discord and Make
  3. Switch to Discord and create a server.

  4. Return to Make and open the Discord module's Create a connection dialog.

  5. Select the server, allow the permissions for messages and channels, and click Authorize.

  6. Map the Image ID from the previous module.

  7. Click OK to continue.

  8. Before the scenario is activated, you should test it again. Click the 'Run Once' button to run a test.

  9. Schedule how often your scenario will trigger by clicking the clock icon. Change the default setting of 15 minutes to how often you'd like your dashboard image sent to Discord.

  10. To activate your scenario, switch the ON/OFF toggle to ON.

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